Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boxes or Stockinette

Boxes or stockinette, boxes or stockinette that is the question, whether it is better to do boxes and suffer the purls and knit stitches...

Or just go with plain old stockinette.

Well, we found out today what the clouser is, a pannel for the boxes and an angel for teh stockinette back slope.

Well, I figure I can use all the help I can get, also it was mention it could be like a family angel looking out for you, and I thought about my dad who passed away a little while ago. Almost two years now, and I still miss him, still can hear him.

I was the one that found him the night he passed away, we were keeping him home per his wishes, he wanted to die at home. And the one thing that still bothers me, is the fact that I held my hand over his mouth and with my other hand held his nose shut to make sure he was alive. I believe that is a sin I will carry to my grave.

My dad was great person, and I think that is one of the reason I am going with the angel, but in true he was more of an angel with no halo and one wing in the fire. He did so many things in his life, saw so many things, that most people only dreamed about, and when he would tell stories about it, or I would, people just look like oh yeah, another fairytale, but I know they are true.

Therefore after a lot of thought, it is going to be stockinette with an angel.

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