Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Angel Problems

Okay, had to redo the Angels on the back a few times, first messed up the count on them, frogged.
Second Angel's wings did not look right, frogged, third still did not look right, frogged.

Took it to my knitting group and found out the Angels were suppose to look like that, but I was doing the purl twist wrong, was suppose to be knitting into the back of the stitch... frogged again... sigh, but it is getting better... I think, until the next clue.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I took my cape's hood with me to a group meet up of fellow knitters, and I showed it off, asked for help, got the size right.

But a comment came up that I twist my stitches, I said no that is how I knit, another person chimed in about how I was twisting, and that I would just have to make sure that I did it for the whole cape.

I comment I learned to knit the English way, she said she did two, I said no I really learned from a lady from England and that is how she taught me.

I am sure they were only trying to help.

So, I checked my other knitting and it is the same.

But if my knitting is wrong... it just kind of slows me down on it, I want it right, but I can't change the way I knit, and I have had no problems before...

I was almost tempted to frog the whole thing and start over, but then I thought what the heck I don't have to show this cape to anyone anyways.